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Hello to you!! My name is Taiwo. I’m a 19 year old Nigerian student living in Lagos. I’m 5 4’ with luxurious natural curls 😉. I’ve been told I have a high, squeaky voice (but I don’t hear it 😊) and I weigh a scant 47 kg. In summary, I’m a very small person with a loud voice.

I love books, movies, fashion (my sense of style is kinda basic though) and I’ve recently developed an interest in skin care, hair care and makeup (I’m not a makeup artist though… far from it lmao). I’m also a feminist and I like politics (I’m overly interested in U.S politics for someone staying in West Africa 😂😂) And I also love emojis as you must have noticed 😄

I started my blog in September, 2017 as a book blog. However, I had to take a hiatus in April. I decided to resume my blog again in November, 2018 and you can read more about that HERE!  You can find me at odd hours of the day checking my blog happily or stalking amazing blogs.

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