My name is Taiwo (pronouns: she/her), and I’m a blogger and freelance writer specializing in books, beauty, self-care and culture.

I’ve been an avid reader and film lover for as long as I can remember. Authors like Enid Blyton and John Grisham and movies such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy were a major part of my formative years. These days, my interests are more varied, ranging from books, movies, and self-care, to skincare and culture.

I’m a feminist, and I’m currently studying chemical engineering at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. My blog is a much-needed creative outlet, where I can talk about – and recommend – my newest obsession, whether it’s a book, movie, or skincare product.

Fun Facts About Me

  • I’m a twin
  • I once read a book a day for an entire month
  • Some of my favorite authors are N. K. Jemisin, Laini Taylor, Kayla Ancrum, Anna-Marie McLemore, Talia Hibbert, Akwaeke Emezi and Naomi Novik
  • I believe kdramas deserve far more hype than they get. My faves are; Goblin, Mr. Sunshine, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Love with Flaws, Search WWW, and Itaewon Class
  • I love the feeling of recommending something to someone, and having the person go, “Yes! That’s exactly what I needed!” 

You can find me on Twitter talking about a new book or movie, or watching kdrama edits on YouTube. I also love watching skincare videos on YouTube from my favorite skincare specialists!

About the Blog

In 2016, my elder sister Ife created a beauty website, A Makeup Junkie’s Blog, to address the skincare and beauty needs of Black women. Her blog would inspire me to create my first book blog in 2017 called Stuffed Shelves. 

A year later, I developed a love for skincare and decided to expand my content to include skincare tips and reviews, and self-care ideas. This led to what is now a book, beauty & lifestyle website, A Lifestyle Nerd.

On this website, you’ll find recommendations for your next book and skincare fave, guides for getting cheap (or free) books, self-care ideas, productivity tips, and more. I’m on a mission to make every reader on my blog a little happier with a book, skincare product, or self-care idea I recommend!

I also offer freelance writing services to online publications and magazines. I love creating content for clients who want that extra oomph to attract their niche audience and make them stay! My favorite part of writing is my ability to put to paper, the perfect article to fit a brand’s vision.

How Can We Work Together?

Are you a publication looking for an experienced writer for your website? Please head over to my Freelance Writing Services page to see how we can work together.

Are you an author or publisher looking to have your book reviewed? Please send me a short blurb of your novel via email or through this contact page. I mainly cover middle-grade, YA, and adult fiction, and fantasy books, but I’m open to other genres.

Thank you so much for checking out my blog. I hope you like my content. Please do follow, like, and comment. I would love to know you!

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