Top 5 Inspirational Songs

Music is an essential part of life. Like art, it gives beauty to the world in many ways. This post features five songs I have found very inspirational. They have deeper meanings and I thought I would share them with you.

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The quality of music has declined quite a bit. We once had songs that actually discussed something of worth but now, many songs are lacking in substance (no offense meant to anyone that likes these kinds of songs). Of course, there are exceptions and I made this post to talk about 5 inspirational/ motivational songs that discuss societal issues while still being excellent pieces to listen to.


1. Fire on the Mountain by Asa

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Read the complete lyrics HERE!

Asa is one of my best artistes of all time and this song is one of the reasons why. In it, she uses “fire on the mountain” as a metaphor for the horrible things that happen in Africa; deaths of innocent children, senseless war, necrophilia, rape and she asks why no one is running. The song finishes off with her warning that if we don’t “put out the fire now”, we will “run, run wishing we had put out the fire, oh no”


2. Take me to Church by Hozier


Read the complete lyrics HERE!

The first time I heard this song, I didn’t understand it but I loved the sound. Hozier has a very powerful voice and even though the song it made no sense to me, I listened to it over and over. Finally, I decided to Google the lyrics and meaning and what I found was nothing short of amazing!

Take me to Church is an attack on homophobia perpetuated by the Catholic Church (the video features two gay men being hunted down). It is not a Christian song in any way. Instead, it condemns the actions of the Church in shaming people to obey by their laws, shaming people for their sexuality and in advocating against same-sex marriage.

You can read a thorough breakdown of the amazing song here.


3. Glory by Common and John Legend

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Read the complete lyrics HERE

I heard this sing for the first time after watching Selma (it’s the song that plays with the end credits) and it made me cry. I’m serious, it really did. This song is about the civil rights movement, the Black Lives Matter movement and every person (dead and alive) fighting against racism in the United States. It hit me so hard listening to Common rap about Rosa Parks, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Selma and interspersed in the lyrics where motivational words by John Legend telling us;

“One day when the glory comes

It will be ours, it will be ours

Oh one day when the war is won

We will be sure, we will be sure”

4. How Much a Dollar Cost by Kendrick Lamar

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Read the complete lyrics HERE

I have a love-hate relationship with Kendrick’s songs (some of his songs tend to make some good points but he also tends to shout a lot in some). This song however is total love. In it, he discusses how wealth, fame or popularity can turn our heads and make us unsympathetic to the plight of those we deem lesser than us. But the real purpose is to show how this lack of sympathy and compassion can affect us negatively and leave us with nothing. It’s a call for more kindness in the world and right now, it should be an anthem.


5. Coat of Many Colours by Dolly Parton

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Read the complete lyrics HERE

When I was much younger and I didn’t have phone, my mum’s phone was a very treasured possession that I didn’t own (😅) and this song was practically the only song on her playlist. So, I listened to this song a lot. I began to understand it more and more as I grew up and today, it’s one of my favourite songs ever.

This song challenges us to change what we believe about “wealth”. It tells us that true wealth is in those we love and those who truly love us back. I have to say that if more people lived life the way Dolly did in this song, life would be better for all.


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