Series: Prequel to The Unseen Series

Genre: Thriller, horror

Author: Andrew C. Jaxson

The voice comes from everywhere, and nowhere. It’s familiar, but I’m not sure why. It crawls around my feet, up my legs, around my neck. The voice slithers in my ear. There are a thousand tendrils, an icy finger, and a face, an awful, impossible face I’d forgotten until now.”

*Since this novel is short, my review will also be short.

The characters of this novel are Hudson, Beks and Daniel. They’re camping close to some mountains in the woods after their graduation but then, something happens that changes their lives. Terror lives in the woods and it’s coming for Hudson.

This novel is amazing. When I was done with it, I had a moment of “Ahhh😁😁” I usually don’t read horror/thriller novels and this is my first in a long time (I started Mr Mercedes by Stephen King but I got bored).

I was actually scared when reading this book which is surprisingly scary. I expected a novel I would yawn at. What I got was:

However, there were a few problems; the first was that I had no idea what town or even, country they were in.

Also, the time didn’t match. We’re told the characters had known each other forever but Beks said that she didn’t really get to meet Hud’s mum who died 3 years earlier. How is that possible? Also, they talk about something that happened in year sevenHow can’t she know her best friend’s mum if she knew him in year seven?

Apart from these very minute problems, this prequel is very good and I can’t wait for the actual novel, The Fire Unseen which will be out soon.

P.S. I got this short prequel from a giveaway that runs today; the 13th of October. If you’re seeing this, you can go over to the author’s site and get the free book by subscribing here. I got the info from Sarah over at Book Hooked Nook. You can check out her blog by clicking the link.



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